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Dead ordinary and truly truly amazing.

Breathe deep and swallow it whole because take it from me, life just whizzes by.

12 August 1986
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Who am I?
I have little to nothing to say about myself. I'm a twenty-three year old alumni of the University of Toronto.I have a wonderful group of friends, and the most amazing boyfriend on the face of the planet aftershokk. I don't update my journal often, as I am not very good with written communication, so I mainly use this journal to keep up with various interests.

You'll notice a lot of Firefly and Joss Whedon related stuff here.. that is because I love them. And now there's Doctor Who stuff! Yay!

Main things I love:

My family (mom, dad, Shannon, Jeff, my Grannie and my wonderful three-year old niece Sara!
My lovely boyfriend Anthony, and my friends.
Doctor Who, Torchwood, Firefly, Buffy, Jossverse, Dexter, House, Heroes, Spaced, Blackpool and others.

My fantastic Doctor Who mood theme is by crackified as is my Firefly one.

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